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Poligono Talluntx II, Calle N, naves 18-20 31192 Tajonar (Navrra) – Spain

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Frequently Asked Questions

What types of plastic are repaired by Plastic Repair System?

Plastic Repair System repairs, maintains and modifies any object made of plastic, for both businesses and individuals. The most common plastics are polyethylene (PE, HDPE), polypropylene (PP), polycarbonate, HDP, etc.

What solutions does Plastic Repair System offer?

The solution depends on the type of damage and the customer’s needs:

  • Damage repair using our patented and certified heat-welding method
  • Development and automation of processes and machinery for the custom repair of returnable plastic packaging elements for our clients
  • Repair or replacement of accessories (legs, skids, hinges, …)
  • Strengthening weak points, avoiding future damage
  • Adapting standard objects to your needs

The Plastic Repair System Technical Department has accumulated a vast experience, and is capable of designing tailored solutions to each need and developing a solid maintenance and repair project for each client.

How much can I save with Plastic Repair System?

It depends on the type of object and the volume to be repaired, but on average, our clients save around 70% by avoiding the purchase of new objects.

Where is Plastic Repair System located?

Our central offices are located in Polígono Industrial Talluntxe II, Calle N, naves 18 y 20, 31192 Tajonar (Navarra). In addition, we have 3 plants in Spain (Orcoyen, Lleida and Benifaio), one plant in Mexico (Puebla) and one in Poland.

What damages does Plastic Repair System repair?

Cracks, breaks, holes, leaks, broken legs, skids or hinges, etc. Plastic Repair System repairs both structural serious and minor damage and offers a solution tailored to each need. We also reinforce weak points in the plastic structure to prevent future damage and adapt standard objects to your needs.

What benefits can I get when I choose Plastic Repair System?

Choosing PRS means:

  • An extension of the life of your plastic elements. We recover 100% the functionality of the object and at least 98% of its resistance.
  • 70% cheaper compared to the replacement of new items
  • Impotant contribution to the environtment: of 311 times less CO2 emissions with the repair
  • 10 times faster compared to the replacement of new items
  • Support for the labor and social inclusion of people with disabilities.

Where is the repair done?

The ideal thing is that the repairs are carried out in our Workshops, where we have the necessary facilities, technology, and tools.


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